L'épaisseur innombrable (2017)
For Double Bass
(french version, translation soon)

Appalachian Anatolia (14th century) (2016)
For Modified Guitar

Ukigusa (The sky is as blue as a tragedy) (2016)
Vibraphone, preparations, two players

"May my wrongs create no trouble (soft, soft and)" (2015)
Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass, Recorders, Vibraphone & snare drum , Electronic

Ilhas (2013)
Two or any number of Prepared snare drums & loudspeakers

It repeats at intervals of 12 seconds (2014)
Any instruments or sources

8CMY (2013)
Two sustaining sound insrtuments


Unplayed scores

A choir (2015)
Four drums (snare)

Unisson (2014)
Five insrtuments

SCORES by Diatribes

Kirari-Kirari (2017)
Piano, Spinet, Viola da Gamba, Violin, Vibraphone, Objects

Roshambo (2014)
Two or three perfomers, any instruments/sounds

Two Cymbals (2014)
Two (or three) cymbals, electronic