vst fxs

fxs pack 1
"pulse sync series":The princip of this plugs series is to detect sound peak and at this moment change randomly
the value of fx parameters (filter, pan, ring or bitcrusch).
"multi series":Some kind of delays and fliters, can make abstract things, just test it.

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fxs pack 2
"pulsors series": Varitions on multi fast tremolos.
"BPM series": Easy fxs (tremolo, pan, HP or LP filter) syncronised to tempo with bpm division.
"live looper series": Easy using loopers, dedicate to live sampling.

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RandomBeatLooper & Effector
"RandomBeatLooper": Loop the source randomly, more or less often, but syncronised to tempo. And add some fxs (reverb, bitcrush & filter) by the same way. The loop reading can also be in rewind mode (ever or randomly).
"RandomBeatEffector": Same thing, but without the looper effect, with 2 fxs more, flanger and realtime pitchshifter.

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Special delay with syncronised to pulse up or down modulation from a ADSR waveform.

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vst instruments

déviance & déXXXX
two variations of vst instrument, with wave player, few oscillators & lfo and weird modulation possiblities

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dub siren version 1
Mini analog synth dedicate to dub creators.

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dub siren version 2
A new version of the siren, with more oscillators and a modulable LP filter

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All these plugins are made with synthedit.